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Application Scope of Wear Resistant Pipe

Oct. 21, 2020

The wear of concrete pump wear-resistant pipes has always been a factor affecting production. With the continuous development of science and technology, materials have also been innovated, and materials such as cast stone, cast steel, alloys, and bonded ceramics have appeared one after another. Among them, the pipeline lining alumina ceramics has become a widely used wear-resistant material due to its high wear resistance, hardness, oxidation resistance, good corrosion resistance and high and low temperature strength performance, occupying the ceramic market share (wear-resistant material) About 80% of it.

The Vickers hardness of the corundum layer is as high as 1100-1500 (Rockwell hardness is 90-98), which is equivalent to tungsten-cobalt hard gold. The wear resistance is more than 20 times higher than that of carbon steel pipes, and it has much better performance than the corundum grinding wheels that are usually bonded. At present, the practice of dozens of thermal power plants using ceramic-lined composite steel pipes produced by our company has shown that the ceramic-lined composite steel pipes have high wear resistance and strong fluid erosion resistance.

Concrete Pump Wear-Resistant Pipe

In the primary air duct, the elbow wears quickly, and the wear resistance of the ceramic-lined composite steel pipe elbow is more than 5 times higher than that of the thick-walled wear-resistant cast steel elbow. In practice, the ceramic-lined composite steel pipe is opened for observation and measurement after 1-2 years of use. The composite layer has no obvious wear or shedding. In terms of pipelines of the same specification and unit length, the weight of the ceramic-lined composite steel pipe is only wear-resistant casting About 1/2 of the steel pipe or bimetal composite pipe, the project cost per meter is reduced by 30-40%, and only about 2/5 of the weight of the cast stone pipe and rare earth wear-resistant steel pipe, which reduces the project cost per meter by more than 20%.

Ceramic-lined composite steel pipes used in corrosive or high-temperature locations are only a fraction of the price of stainless steel pipes and nickel-titanium pipes. Ceramic-lined composite steel pipes are used in coal-fired power plants for ash removal, slag discharge, powder feeding, and powder return. In addition, it is also widely used in the following industries:

1. Mines: coal water slurry, coal washing slime, mine filler, pulverized coal; metal mines: pipeline transportation of concentrates and tailings.

2. Metallurgy: blast furnace coal injection and slag conveying pipelines in iron and steel plants; ferroalloy conveying and out-of-furnace refining pipelines in steelmaking.

3. Cement plant: raw material slurry transportation, coal powder transportation, elevator discharge, concrete transportation pipeline of rotary kiln wet production line.

The above information is provided by concrete pump pipes manufacturer.

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