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What Should I Do after the Concrete Pump Sucks in Air?

Jun. 19, 2020

During the construction of the pump truck, if the pumped commercial concrete is pumped, it is easy to cause air inhalation. This is because after the commercial concrete is segregated, some of the gaps between the aggregates cannot be filled with mortar, and the gaps between the aggregates The air in it is usually sucked into the cylinder along with the commercial concrete. As the air accumulates in the concrete pump truck cylinder more and more, the suction efficiency decreases rapidly, causing the suction and pumping of the commercial concrete to stop completely. What should we do about it? Concrete pump water pump factory tells you how to operate here.

1. Add cement mortar

When the suction and pumping of commercial concrete is stopped, the pressure of the main oil channel drops obviously, the commercial concrete in the hopper will go down very slowly, and the mixing is often difficult. Finally, the pumping oil pressure drops to zero, and the commercial concrete output Completely stopped, the no-load circulation of the push mechanism of the concrete pump truck. The more convenient treatment method is generally to add some cement mortar in the hopper before the output of the commercial concrete has not completely stopped, that is, before the main oil pressure of the pump truck has dropped to zero, and then mix and pump with the original commercial concrete.


2. Remove inferior commercial concrete

When the pumping of the concrete pump is stopped, if the cement mortar is not effective, the unloading door should be opened to remove the inferior commercial concrete in the hopper and valve box, and then pump again. It should be pointed out that when the pump truck re-pumps, some cement mortar should be added to the hopper, or high slump commercial concrete rich in mortar is often used. Often this process concrete pump truck needs to go through several back pump operations to make the pump Send normalized.

It should be pointed out that when the feed to the pump truck is interrupted, if the material stored in the hopper is left too little or completely pumped out, then when the material is pumped again, it may also suck in air and cannot be pumped. If the quality of the commercial concrete is good, the concrete pump truck can use several reverse pump operations to normalize the pumping; if the quality of the subsequent commercial concrete is average, you need to add cement mortar to resume normal pumping.

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