How to Increase the Service Life of Concrete Pump Wearing Parts?

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How to Increase the Service Life of Concrete Pump Wearing Parts?

Feb. 04, 2021

What are the wearing parts of concrete pump concrete pump in the work, if not used properly, it is easy to cause premature damage to some parts of the pump machine, not only increases the cost of equipment maintenance, but also seriously affect the production. Next concrete pump piston supplier will explain how to increase the service life of concrete pump wearing parts.    

Concrete Pump Rubber Piston

The concrete pump rubber piston is generally made of polyurethane material, which is elastic and wear-resistant, and the inner wall of the conveying cylinder is also coated with wear-resistant material.

There are two general ways of lubrication between the piston and the conveying cylinder.

Automatic oil lubrication

Every pumping, refueling system automatically add a lubricant; for the automatic refueling system, need to regularly check whether the oil circuit is smooth, otherwise once the oil circuit is blocked, the piston and the conveying cylinder will wear sharply.

Manual refueling system

The other is manual refueling system, which needs to be manually refueled regularly. For the manual refueling system, the operator should refill the lubricant regularly according to the working environment, usually 1 time/h.


When refueling, be sure to point the piston to the lower part of the vertical refueling point so that the lubricant just enters the oil groove in the middle of the piston.  

Concrete Pump Rubber Piston

Conveying cylinder

During the pumping process, the operator needs to operate the pointing button when the piston of the main cylinder is running to the end, and keep it for 5~8s to replenish the hydraulic oil in the closed oil chamber of the main cylinder (for the pump machine that relies on the proximity switch to change direction, also the proximity switch should be as close as possible to the side of the main cylinder), so as to make full use of the stroke of the conveying cylinder and avoid the local wear of the conveying cylinder.  


The operator should also pay close attention to the water tank, once the water has been found cloudy or sand in the water, indicating that the piston may be worn, the piston needs to be replaced in a timely manner, otherwise it will aggravate the wear and tear of the piston and the delivery cylinder. If you replace the new piston, the water soon becomes cloudy again, it indicates that the delivery cylinder has worn, need to replace the delivery cylinder.

If you have conditions, you can measure the cylinder diameter to determine whether the delivery cylinder wear, usually, the cylinder wall chrome layer thickness is only (0.2 ~ 0.25) mm, when the cylinder diameter increases (0.45 ~ 0.55) mm, it is necessary to replace the delivery cylinder. In addition, the water temperature of the cooling water in the tank is also very important, the water temperature is too high, will also increase the wear and tear of the piston, need to replace the cooling water in the tank often.

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