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How to Prevent Concrete Pump Pipe from Clogging?

Dec. 05, 2020

During the concrete pumping process, if the frictional resistance of concrete is too high, it can cause blockage of the delivery pipeline, thus affecting the progress of the whole construction project. There are many factors affecting the frictional resistance, such as the concrete ratio, pumping speed, the choice of pumping agent and the choice of raw materials all affect the frictional resistance of concrete to varying degrees. concrete pump pipe  clogging will reduce the concrete pouring speed, affect the overall quality of the concrete, if the clogging time is too long, not timely, concrete will solidify in the conveying pipeline, clean up is very troublesome.concrete pump pipe supplier  will explain how to prevent concrete pump pipe from clogging.

Concrete Pump Pipe

Several common factors that cause concrete pump pipe clogging

(1) Improper control of the residual material. If the residual material is too little and lower than the mixing shaft, it is easy to absorb air during mixing, which affects the concrete's consistency and leads to clogging of the delivery pipe.

(2) Improper selection of pumping speed. The speed of pumping is very critical, not the faster the better, sometimes the faster the better; when pumping for the first time, due to the greater resistance of the inner wall of the delivery pipe, you should keep the pumping speed low and uniform.

(3)Pipes are not cleaned. If the last concrete pouring is completed, the pipeline is not cleaned in time or the pipeline is not cleaned well, it is easy to cause the next - the next pumping pipeline will be blocked.

(4) The downtime is too long. If the downtime is too long, the stationary concrete will easily secrete and segregate, causing the pipeline to be blocked.

Methods of eliminating and preventing clogging of the concrete delivery pipe

When a pipe is clogged, after identifying the clogged section of pipe, loosen the concrete in the clogged area and remove the clog by pumping the concrete pump forward and backward. 

(1) Strictly require relevant operators. The pump operator should concentrate on the pumping construction, always pay attention to the reading of the pumping pressure gauge, if the reading suddenly increases, it should be immediately anti-pump 2-3 strokes, and then is pumping, can be removed from the pump pipe clogging; the operator should also observe the remaining material in the hopper at any time, too much or too little material may cause the pump pipe clogging.

(2)Select the appropriate speed of the pumping. According to the actual situation of pumping to adjust the pumping speed, when the pipe blockage signs or a car of concrete slump is small, to reduce the pumping speed, to nip the pumping pipe blockage in the bud.

(3)If the downtime is too long, the concrete should be poured out and should not be used again.  

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