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Several Problems that Must Be Paid Attention to When Concrete Pump Truck Is Pumping

Sep. 12, 2020

What aspects should be paid attention to when the concrete pump truck is pumping concrete? The concrete pump hopper complete factory will give you a brief introduction.

First of all, the continuous supply of concrete should be guaranteed. If continuous supply is not possible, the pumping speed can be slowed down. When out of joint, the commercial concrete pump should not stop working. Every 4-5 minutes, the pump should be rotated forward and backward to prevent the mixing material in the pipeline from agglomeration or precipitation. If the pumping stops for more than 45 minutes, it should be cleaned and then pumped give away. When pumping commercial concrete, keep a certain amount of commercial concrete in the hopper to prevent air from entering the hopper, causing the commercial concrete to flow backwards and causing blockage. If this kind of problem occurs, the commercial concrete pump needs to be reversed to make the commercial concrete return to the hopper, and then pump the air normally.

When the concrete is pumped, the water in the washing tank should be changed every 2h, and the stroke of the pump cylinder should be checked. If there is any change, adjust it in time. In order to reduce uneven wear of the inner wall of the cylinder, it is best to start a long stroke. Only when starting and when the slump of the commercial concrete is small, the short-distance pumping of commercial concrete is carried out. When the concrete is conveyed vertically upwards, the concrete will flow back due to water hammer, and the conveying efficiency will decrease. The higher the conveying pipe, the more obvious the phenomenon. Solution: Set a horizontal pipe of more than 10m between the commercial concrete pump and the vertical pipe to offset the impact of the falling impact of the commercial concrete; add a stop valve near the discharge port of the commercial concrete pump.

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So what should the concrete pump pay attention to before pumping? Specifically, we can focus on the following points:  

1. Before pumping, when the hydraulic oil temperature is lower than 15C, the method of extending the dry running time should be used to increase the oil temperature.

2. When pumping, check the operation of the pump and the stirring device, monitor each instrument and indicator light, and stop the machine if any abnormality is found.

3. The concrete surface in the hopper should be kept above the center line of the mixing shaft.

4. Pumping concrete should be continuous operation. When the suspension is forced to be suspended due to interruption of supply, the downtime shall not exceed 30 minutes. During the timeout period, 2~3 strokes of reverse pump and positive pump movement should be performed every 5~10 minutes (3~5 minutes in winter), and the material should be stirred before feeding again. When the pump stop time exceeds the limit, the pipeline should be emptied. 

5. During operation, the grid on the hopper shall not be removed, and unqualified aggregates or debris shall be removed in time. 

6. During pumping, when the pressure gauge rises to the highest value and the operating sound changes, the pumping should be stopped immediately, and the reverse operation method should be used to remove the pipeline blockage; when it is invalid, the pipe should be removed for cleaning.

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