Small Concrete Pump Truck Buying Tips

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Small Concrete Pump Truck Buying Tips

Jan. 14, 2021

Small concrete pump truck, also like other goods, also has to meet its purchase and selection skills, especially for this kind of inexpensive machine purchase, more attention. But in many people choose, do not know how to start, in fact, the choice of small concrete pump truck is not difficult, as long as according to the concrete project object, characteristics, requirements of the maximum delivery capacity, maximum delivery distance, concrete construction plans, concrete pump form and specific conditions line comprehensive consideration will be able to correctly select the right model for you. The following is the collation of a few small points for your reference only.


1、Examine the use performance of the product

The smoothness and flexibility of each part of the action, whether the chassis driving, turning diameter, approach angle, departure angle, minimum ground clearance, etc. meet the requirements of passability, whether the engine fuel consumption rate and other economic indicators are reasonable, and whether the remote control operation is reliable and stable. Steel should be used in high-strength fine-grained structure of carbon steel (tempered thin steel plate), and its welding process requirements are very strict, otherwise there will be very serious problems such as cracking of the weld. Concrete pump reducer pipe inner wall placed a layer of wear-resistant layer, so that the pipe is increasingly wear-resistant.

2、Concrete pouring volume

According to the type and structure of the building, construction technology requirements, site conditions and the surrounding environment, etc., are the prerequisites for deciding to buy a small concrete pump truck model. Usually in addition to the above factors when selecting the model, should also consider the amount of concrete pouring, the weight of the concrete pump pipe, so as to ensure that the main performance parameters of the purchase of the pump truck and construction needs to match or slightly larger, if the capacity is too large, the utilization rate is too low, too small, not only can not meet the construction requirements will also accelerate the loss of concrete pump truck.

Concrete Pump Reducer

3、Operating system

Small concrete pump truck operating system is generally equipped with manual, limited and wireless control, wired control is convenient and flexible, wireless control can be operated from a distance, once the circuit failure, manual operation can be used.

4、Product configuration

The product function of the pump truck occupies a very important position in the purchase, so the selection must set a high starting point for the configuration of the pump truck. If you choose a high standard configuration of the pump truck, the price will increase accordingly. The standard of product configuration can be from the quality of the main components of the product, the internal quality to the appearance of the quality of the corresponding requirements.

5、Check the safety and environmental requirements of the product

Check whether the special vehicle meets the requirements of industry standards, and examine whether the after-sales service network of the supplier enterprise can meet the timely service, as well as the service quality, service level, and the ability to supply spare parts in a timely manner. Understand the situation of the supplier enterprise's commitment to operator training and maintenance training. 

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