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The Advantages and Disadvantages of Concrete Pumping Concrete

Aug. 10, 2020

With the continuous development and innovation of building auxiliary technology, pumping concrete technology has been widely used in the construction industry in recent years. The development of supporting process equipment, construction management and the training of technical personnel have contributed to the successful application of concrete pumping technology in engineering construction. Our company provides concrete pump seamless pipe.

What are the advantages of concrete pumps for pumping concrete?

Advantages of pumping concrete

1. High degree of mechanization, saving construction cost

Concrete pumping pumping concrete is a highly mechanized technology. Compared with conventional trolley and vertical derrick transportation, it saves human resources and construction materials to a large extent, and reduces the labor intensity of workers. The pumped concrete realizes the continuity of the on-site concrete horizontal and vertical transportation, which greatly improves the transportation efficiency and saves a number of construction costs.

2. Strong conveying capacity, speed up construction progress

The pumping method of the concrete pump is much stronger than the original method, which can strengthen the continuity of construction and speed up the construction speed, thus shortening the construction period and reducing the labor pressure of the workers.

3. Long-distance transportation, not affected by road conditions

When the construction site is in inclement weather due to muddy roads and other reasons that make it impossible for vehicles to enter and leave, and it is difficult for workers to travel, the advantages of pumping concrete are more obvious. The combination of the concrete pump and the extension piping enables the pumped concrete to be transported over a long distance, and the adverse environmental factors have little effect on it, so it can ensure the normal construction in bad weather.

Concrete Pump Seamless Pipe

4. Strong mobility

The transportation method of pumping by car is called car pumping concrete. It can not only use piping, but also use the placing boom to directly transport concrete, which greatly improves the mobility of concrete transportation. Even if the construction site is in a narrow city road, the pump Sending concrete can also be handled easily.

5. Low noise and low pollution

Concrete is generally concentrated in the suburbs and transported directly to the construction site by pumping concrete trucks. Compared with the traditional method, the noise is lower and the pollution to the urban environment is also small.

Disadvantages of concrete pumping concrete

1. The conveying capacity of concrete pumps is limited, so the conveying distance and height of concrete are limited. Pumping concrete is not suitable when the distance is too far and the vertical height is too large.

2. Pumping concrete requires pumpability of the concrete to be transported, which will increase the water-cement ratio of the concrete. Such concrete is prone to cracks and shrinkage.

3. The concrete slump used by the concrete pump for pumping concrete construction is relatively large, and the pouring speed is very fast. This causes the concrete pressure measurement to become larger, so the use of pumped concrete has higher structural requirements for the formwork.

The above information is provided by concrete pump welding pipe factory.


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